Workforce Development
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI┬«)  Instrument provides a constructive framework for looking at how people prefer to take in information, make decisions and live their lives. It will form the basis for individuals to form a personal development plan towards their continuous professional development.

MBTI can be used for for team building or on a one to one basis for leadership and personal development.

Once you have completed a questionnaire  you will  receive a fully analysed report on your preferred personality type which you will discuss in confidence with one of our coaches.  The outcome is an understanding of your preferred learning and leadership style as well as understanding the impact your style has on others.

Other personality tools we use are:
'What I learnt from the MBTI exercise is that people have difference preference when communicating and relating to others.
I'm now more aware about what my preferences are and this will improve the way I interact with people both at work and outside work.'

Planning Manager, University of East London