P31 Women
P31 plays a great role in helping women develop their entrepreneurial capability.  More and more women approach us seeking to 'step out of their comfort zone'   We run a number of programmes and workshops which include:
Actuvate Women's Personal Development Programme

Designed to identify your Values; create your Vision; consider your Vocation; listen to your Voice; and realise your Victory.

This workshop is a unique personal development programme designed  to help ACTUVATE women's true potential.

The purpose of this course is to support women on their journey of self development and empowerment, disarm them of self limiting beliefs, ACTUVATE their desires, skills and aspirations and create a road map for their success.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  1. Identify their goals and aspirations
  2. Consider their current skills and attributes
  3. Put simple, practical and achievable steps in place to achieve their goals.
What next?

Participants of the workshop can continue their personal development and benefit from the P31 Lifestyle Management Coaching programme. This programme is designed to help individuals aspire personally and professionally and fully utilise your potential.  All clients receive a half hour introductory session.  So why not invest in yourself today - you deserve it!